“The reading of the consumer’s mind”


Linguistics is the study of language and how humans communicate. In its application to market research we create a three dimensional map of the principal concepts of a language in order to position the elements of an advertisement or any type of communication, and identify the subconscious linguistic codes that they trigger. It is also an invaluable tool in determining what concepts, key words, elements and other linguistic codes a communication should contain in order to achieve the desired subconscious positioning and impact.



For every stimulus measured we can map the neuroexperience in a concepts map to “read the consumer’s mind”


Neurometaphors provides the perfect complement to neuromarketing and neuropolitics and when integrated to form a methodology we call Neurobio linguistics, it allows us to determine the verbal expressions that correspond with the physical, psychological and emotional activations provided by the neurobio research techniques.

In addition to neurobiological and linguistic studies, our staff have backgrounds in psychology, sociology, marketing and statistics, with ample experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

We possess our own online questionnaire technology and participant databases, and have the in-house capabilities to manage all aspects of a research project. However, we also welcome the opportunity to partner with other research firms or simply provide specific services in projects managed by other firms.