Our neuromarketing methodology, based on Brain, Heart, Eyes and Hand activation has shown to be extremely useful application to a variety of marketing, branding, communication, ad-testing, sensometric and point of sale objectives. With our state of the art technology and methodology (EEG, ECG, sEMG…) we are able to study consumers´ responses to marketing stimuli thus providing you with the key to their decision making process.

In our neuromarketing lab we can measure emotional and cognitive reactions to given stimuli, providing the benefit of a privileged view into subconscious and emotional activations provoked by the brand, product, advertising, product, package, etc. Our neuromarketing approach provides higher effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns to companies worldwide. Our team of professionals will provide your company with detailed knowledge about customer preferences and what marketing activities will stimulate buying behaviour. Instead of relying on techniques that are less effective and more time consuming, NBM and our neuromarketing researh offers objective neurological measurements to provide your company with the key to consumer insight.

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Our neuromarketing tests may be designed to test different versions of the same stimuli, so not only can we determine degree of effectiveness, but can also isolate and evaluate the effects of different elements (music, colours, text, product features etc.).

Companies such as Coca Cola, McCann Erickson, Cosmoprof, Telefónica, etc., have already experienced the products NeuroBiomarketing can offer. When it comes to neuromarketing we are the best.

Neuropolitics & economy

Our methodology based on Brain, Heart, Eyes and Hand activations has extremely useful applications for a variety of political, policy making, consensus building and economic planning objectives. Since the methodology measures non verbal emotional and cognitive reactions, we can measure activations and positioning that are not biased by a person’s stated political affiliations and beliefs, …