Facial Responses Analysis for Marketing Empowerment

Neurobiomarketing tackles traditional research methods of consumers´ emotional responses with microexpressions measuring tool providing Facial Responses Analysis to objectively extract emotional impact of advertisement, brand, packaging, etc. Measuring the smallest emotional reactions to given marketing stimuli via nonverbal cues in form of microexpressions to provide you with insights of your consumers.

Our analysis is based on recording microexpressions, nonvoluntary facial movements lasting less than 1/5 of a second and a display of one or a combination of forty-three distinct muscle movements that are:

Universal: within and across cultures, “hardwired” into our lymbic brain.

Spontaneous: the face is the only place in the body where muscles are attached right to the skin – providing real time data

Combined with our other physiological and neurological measurements it empowers marketers with knowledge on persuasion and cognitive status of consumers.