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Mr. #Bush41 the Decade of the Brain

Mr. Bush, the father of the Brain Era, God Bless You! Thanks a lot for Your efforts to support the brain research and understanding. All the brain based companies and professional too, for sure, are with us in this feelings… Here some words of the Presidential Proclamation 6158 “To enhance public awareness of the benefits …

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[:en]Record! Number of stimuli[:es]Record de Número de estímulos[:]

[:en] NeuroBioMarketing R & D started operations in 2003 in Milan Italy since that date we are the neuromarketing company with the largest number of stimuli measured in the market, positioning us as a leading company in innovation of marketing research, deep understanding of the consumer and artificial intelligence. More than 10 years crossing the …

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[:en]Neurometaphors[:es]Neurometafóras[:it]Imagen 02[:sl]Imagen 02[:]

[:en] In a Brandarchitecture you have to see the shape of your metaphor, a metaphor is the combination of two or more concepts, then you’ll calculate your metaphoric index (branding) and determine if the shape will ensure you a good growing. (Brandequity) NeurobioMarketing is real neuromarketing marketing communication onlinemarketing machinelearning artificialintelligence  [:es] [:]