B2B Franchise

Our mission is not limited to providing neuromarketing research to some of the largest companies in the world but also to collaborating with marketing companies all around the globe in need of our experiences and knowledge in the field of neuromarketing. At Neurobiomarketing we prepared a special neuromarketing B2B proposal for marketing companies to create new and inspiring research options for their clients. If your marketing company is searching for answers to consumer insight questions and would like to get objective answers neuromarketing is the key.

How does B2B neuromarketing collaboration work?

Our neuromarketing research can be provided from our headquarters and laboratory in Milano Italy, or at your desired location anywhere in the world. Providing your company with all the equipment and instruct your research team on procedures and techniques your staff can perform neurobiological measurements at your location and send results to our professionals to analyse them. With our knowledge, experiences with neurobiological measurements using methods like EEG, ECG, sEMG, Galvanic Skin Response etc. Microexpresion analysis (FRAME), and benchmark database of more than 500 measured stimulus showing best KPI  for ROI,  together we can provide your costumers a key to consumer insight and offer them new marketing research options and results.

Please contact our staff for more detailed information.

Don´t let other companies be the first to offer neuromarketing research to their clients.