Neurobiomarketing, located in Italy, Spain, South America, Central America and Mexico.  Provides neurobiological measurements for persuasion optimization. In last seven years we made neuromarketing measurements of more than 500 stimuli making NBM the neuromarketing company full of experiences. With this database we are ready to offer valuable information about the efficiency of each new measured stimulus to marketing companies and consumer insights experts worldwide. Comparing every new marketing stimuli to our database we are able to determine its neuromarketing strength and help companies get into the mind of their consumers.   Since 2003 we have performed neurobiological tests with hundreds of individuals employing thousands of marketing, point of sale and political stimuli, and consolidated this knowledge into a standardized methodology that integrates mental and biological activations from 4 key points of the body known as the Brain, Heart, Eyes and Hands Diagnostic. Though we are constantly innovating, in general we employ non-invasive and portable instruments such as EEG, sEMG, eye-tracking, ECG and Galvanic Skin Response.


Some of the largest companies have already experienced the impact of neuromarketing in determining consumer insights. Neurobiomarketing is the team to contact when you want to get the key to consumers insights.